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Ashtabula County Successes


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Reported by Growth Partnership


I. Things to Celebrate in 2015


  • To be completed shortly


II. Things to Celebrate in 2014


  • Projects:

    • Cristal USA expansion, Ashtabula Township

    • ASHTA Chemical expansion, Ashtabula Township

    • Mohawk Fine Papers expansion, Saybrook Township

    • Worthington Industries expansion, Jefferson

    • Wholesale Imprints-Ringer Screenprint, Ashtabula

  • Immediate Economic Impact:

    • $133 million in new investment

    • 166 new jobs


Download the Growth Partnership's Results Report for 2014-2015 (Updated 1-4-2016)


Reported by the Ashtabula County Airport Authority Accomplishments

Submitted by Dwight Bowden

December 20, 2015


The Ashtabula County Airport Authority (ACAA), owner/operator of the Northeast Ohio Regional Airport (NEORA/KHZY) is committed to maintaining the facility as a jet capable, FAA Airport Reference Code C-II, ODOT Aviation Level 1 airport.  Current projects include the complete removal and reconstruction of Runway 9-27 (including a 703’ extension), installation of a new high intensity rotating beacon, drainage improvements, installation of upgraded high intensity runway lighting, installation of a new Precision Path Approach Indicator system, construction of a fully compliant FAA Runway Safety Area and removal of tree obstructions.  These improvements will allow Northeast Ohio Regional Airport to meet ODOT Commercial Operating Standards and become Ohio’s third ODOT Commercial Airport Certificated Facility.


The improvements costing approximately $9,000,000.00 will be funded by public grants from the FAA, and ODOT Aviation and private donations from Ashtabula County Aviation Trusts managed by The Cleveland Foundation.  Scheduled completion is the fall of 2017.


In addition, the ACAA enjoys public support by the Ashtabula County Commissioners, and private support from the Robert S. Morrison Foundation, the Androse Foundation and other contributors.


In 2014, the ACAA/NEORA was awarded Airport of the Year by the Ohio Aviation Association and won Best of the County for Community Impact from the Ashtabula Growth Partnership.


The ACAA operates the airport as a safe, clean, secure and compliant aviation gateway to Ashtabula County and the surrounding region.  In doing so, Northeast Ohio Regional Airport is a world class aviation economic driver benefiting all citizens of Ashtabula County.


Download the Airport Accomplishments Report for 2014-2015. (Added 1-4-2016)



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