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Employment, Establishments and Wages

In 2015, 30,000 local employees were estimated to earn over $1 billion in wages, working in over 2,000 Ashtabula County businesses. However, both employment and establishment growth in Ashtabula County has been below a healthy level. Click EMPL/BIZ/$ and the EMP/ESTAB/$ VIZ to find out more...

Establishment Size and Industry Profile

Ashtabula County had over 1,900 business establishment in 2014, 300 fewer than in 2003. About 54% of Ashtabula County establishments had 1-4 employees, compared to 49% for Ohio. Most Ashtabula County industry groups contributed to the loss of establishments.  Ohio also suffered establishment losses in most industry groups, although the losses were not as severe as Ashtabula County. Click BIZ SIZE to find out more..

Business Starts

Based on Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation data, Ashtabula County had 1,663 active businesses in 2015, over 400 (-20%) fewer than in 2004. Ashtabula County had only 120 business starts in 2015, slightly more than 2014, but less than the 2004-13 annual average of 144 business starts.

Personal Income

Ashtabula County's Per Capita Personal Income (PCPI) was over $33,400 in 2014, about $8,800 less than Ohio. Over the past decade, the county's PCPI has been about 80% of Ohio's. Click INCOME and the INCOME VIZ for more...

Major Employers

Click on EMPL'R MAP VIZ to see locations of larger businesses in Ashtabula County.

Location Quotient Analysis

The location quotients of the five largest manufacturing industries increased from 2001 to 2015, indicating that concentration of these industries in Ashtabula County increased slightly. Click LQ ANALYSIS for more... 

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