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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is the overall purpose of the dashboard? Its overall purpose is to provide factual data and analysis to guide decision-making about economic and community development in Ashtabula County. The dashboard is not a marketing website for Ashtabula County, which is located here.


2. Who can use the dashboard? Anyone can access and use the dashboard. The intended primary users of the dashboard are the partner organizations listed on the dashboard and the general public. 


3. How frequently will the dashboard be updated? Indicators will be updated when their "feedstock" data sources are updated. A few indicators will be updated monthly, some will be updated on a quarterly basis, and some will be updated annually.


4. Will new indicators be added to the dashboard? Yes, as resources are available to expand the dashboard beyond its current indicators. Can I suggest new indicators for consideration? Yes, you absolutely can.


5. Are the data sources used in the dashboard profiles credible and well-recognized sources? Yes, they are. They include the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Census, various State of Ohio public data sources, and frequently used local government sources. 


6. Can I get the data used in the various published profiles? Yes, we can provide the data to you in spreadsheet format. If you are a member of the Growth Partnership or a funding source for the dashboard, there is no charge for the data. There will be a small charge for the data for non-members. If we must do work on the data before providing it to you, there will be a small charge. 


7. Will the Growth Partnership organize events to communicate about dashboard findings? Yes, we will plan at least one event per year to communicate what we are learning from the dashboard and its relevance to local businesses, communities, and governments.


8. When can we expect to see more information about performance metrics for partner organizations? This will evolve over time. We will be working with partners over the next year to provide guidance on appropriate performance metrics for their organizations.


9. Can the Growth Partnership prepare customized studies using the dashboard data for local businesses and communities? Yes, but there will be some charge for this work.


10. Will comparison studies to surrounding counties or other locations be completed in the future? Yes, but we will need to acquire the funding to expand the scope of the dashboard to include these comparisons.


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