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Economic and Community Development Partners


Economic and community development are top ongoing priorities for Ashtabula County. The county is served by a network of private and public sector organizations, which work separately and together to foster business growth, community improvement, and increased prosperity in local communities.


Partners are grouped into three categories on the dashboard:


  1. Countywide: Those serving the entire county with their services.

  2. Community: Those serving a single community or a part of a community in Ashtabula County.

  3. Regional and State: Those serving Ashtabula County and the surrounding Northeast Ohio region.


Partner Engagement to Build Collective Impact


Ashtabula County's economic and community development organizations need to engage one another and identify ways to collaborate to address the county's leading development challenges and opportunities. How do we do that? We accomplish that through an on ongoing engagement process that begins with the Dashboard Summit and is grown and deepened through follow-up sessions that allow us to share our work and ideas, form results-oriented partnerships, share resources, and do a number of other things. That is what the Summit hopes to spark.


Aided with knowledge, such as that provided by the dashboard, and strategy informed by knowledge, Ashtabula County's economic and community development organizations can increase their collective impact over time.



Click here to review our preliminary performance metric information


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