Employment, Unemployment and Labor Force Trends

Over the past twelve months, Ashtabula County's average employment has been about 42,000. During this time period, unemployment has averaged 2,700 and the unemployment rate has averaged 6.0%. The county has typically shown little employment growth since 2010, but employment grew slightly in early 2016. Click on EMPL/UNEMPL for more...

Workforce Profile

Ashtabula County has a working-age population of nearly 80,000 and a labor force of 45,700 (58%). Ashtabula County has about 5% less of its population in the labor force than Ohio. For more information about Ashtabula County's workforce, click on WF PROFILE or WORKFORCE VIZ...

Workforce Travel

Nearly half (48%) of Ashtabula County's 38,000 resident workers travel outside Ashtabula County for work, according to 2014 employment and travel data. Workers traveling outside Ashtabula County tended to have slightly higher incomes. From 2002 to 2014, the county lost about 3,200 resident workers, mostly among younger age groups. Clck on WF TRAVEL for more....


Ashtabula County has 7 public school districts with 13,500 students and 750 teachers. Many of the county's school districts performed slightly below the state average on state standards and proficiency tests. Click on EDUCATION and the EDUCATION VIZ for more...

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