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II. Community Partners


Ashtabula Area


The City of Ashtabula's mission is to provide service and to partner with its citizens, businesses and neighbors to enhance the quality of life for all who live in and visit Ashtabula. The City of Ashtabula promotes economic development and community development in the City of Ashtabula.





The Greater Ashtabula Chamber serves as the area’s leading referral service for membership businesses that work together to improve their business and build a better community in which to live.



Ashtabula City Port Authority Promotes shipping commerce, economic developmen, and recreation on the river and lakefront and in the City of Ashtabula.


Conneaut Area




The City of Conneaut diligently strives to provide the foundation that fosters development and provides services that will enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors to our community.







The Conneaut Port Authority promotes shipping commerce, economic development, and recreation on the lakefront and in the City of Conneaut.







The Conneaut Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary association of business, industry, and individuals working together for economic, civic and social improvement, in order to make this community a better place in which to live, work and visit.


Geneva Area



The City of Geneva's mission is to provide quality services in a professional, efficient and equitable manner while maintaining a friendly, personal environment, which encourages opportunities for economic development and growth.





The Geneva Area Chamber of Commerce helps to advance commercial, industrial, residential, professional, civic and general interests in the Geneva area.


Jefferson Area




The Village of Jefferson promotes and assists economic and community development by offering public services that vital to development and by working in partnership with its local and countywide partners.





The mission of the Jefferson Area Chamber of Commerce is to advance the commercial, industrial, professional, civic and general interests of the Jefferson trade areas. The organization promotes Jefferson area as a good place to live, work and shop.


Orwell Area



Orwell Village actively supports economic and community development on its own and in partnership with others, including its local chamber and various countywide organizations.





The Orwell/Grand Valley Chamber of Commerce promotes economic development and quality of life improvements in its service area in southwest Ashtabula County.


Andover Area




The Village of Andover is committed to growing businesses, jobs, and the quality of life of the community. It works closely with its local chamber of commerce to achieve this objective.





The mission of the Andover Area Chamber Of Commerce is to enhance economic prosperity for our businesses, encourage new enterprises, promote area tourism, and to support events and attractions that expand the quality of life in our unique community.


Geneva on the Lake Area




The Village of Geneva-on-the-Lake, its residents, and business owners have focused on providing a fun, safe, family-oriented environment that offers a diversity of activities. The Village actively promotes  and encourages tourism and economic development.





The Geneva on the Lake Convention and Visitors Bureau promotes tourism in the Village of Geneva on the Lake. It assists through marketing, information services, and help organizing and scheduling various tourism events and activities.


Other Community Area Partners



Ahtabula Arts Center: Works to advance the arts in all forms in Ashtabula and Ashtabula County. The arts are vitally important to area quality of life and economic development.





Conneaut Arts Center: Works to advance the arts in all forms in Conneaut and Ashtabula County. The arts are vitally important to area quality of life and economic development.





The mission of the Lift Bridge Community Association is to promote and develop the historic Ashtabula Harbor as a major regional destination for tourism, recreation and entertainment.





The Ashabula Downtown Development Association is committed to bringing about a sustainable revitalization of the downtown Ashtabula area.


Joint Economic Development Districts (JEDDs) in Ashtabula County

Under Ohio Revised Code, sections 715.69.715.90, a JEDD is determined by a contract approved by the legislative authorities of one or more contiguous corporations and one or more contiguous townships. The JEDD is designed to encourage cooperation among local communities, and it is considered by many to be a mutually beneficial economic development tool. This cooperation takes the form of tax revenue sharing among municipalities and townships. There are three JEDDs in the 534 Corridor, which span the communities of Geneva, Harpersfield Township, and Austinburg Township: 1) JEDD I; 2) JEDD II; and 3) JEDD III.

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